It’s frustrating when you are driving around with a shaky steering wheel. It can be seen as a simple annoyance but with a shaking steering wheel will be as a result of a variety of serious matters that need to be handled promptly.  Most cases shaking steering wheel are indications of bad tires. In this article, you will find a couple of other issues that could be contributing for that steering wheel shake.

Bad Bearings

shaky steering wheelBearings play a significant role on your car steering as they allow your wheels to turn appropriately without friction and they do support the car weight. Wheel hub bearings are vital and when damaged, broken or not lubricated the results are a shaky steering wheel.

Since they are connected to the hub or axle, there will be effective to the drive shaft, and that’s a shaking steering wheel when they damaged or broken.This problem can be noted as they will be making strange noises even if you won’t immediately feel the shaking wheels. They can be fixed if not badly damaged by lubrication and placed back. Consider replacement when totally damaged

Wheel alignment

Misalignment is a common cause for a shaky steering wheel. This is a result of lack of proper positioning of the vehicle wheels and sometimes suspension. A long period of driving leads to this but it may happen any time depending how you drive.  To maintain your car alignment, try to avoid potholes, going over speed pumps slowly and curbs.

Wheel Balancing

It’s not simple as checking if they are of the same size or general quality. Whenever there is a tire change placed on a rim, it must be balanced to ensure weight is evenly distributed around the wheel. Light areas of a tire are matched to heavy areas of the rim and vice versa. Counter Weights are added to ensure you have balanced wheels.

The entire car can be shaky if your wheels are even slightly unbalanced. This can lead to issues like; shocks, tread, struts, and other suspension components. Have your wheels always balanced as you always check each tire.

Brake Issues

When breaking down you may notice that your steering wheel starts to shake, well this is a sign of worn out brake pads, brake discs or worn shocks. Sometimes it may happen when you are turning or driving at certain speeds. Issues related to brakes are easy to pinpoint than others, inspection of your various brake components to find exact cause will be a good idea to know which should be tightened if loose, replaced or cleaned if needed.