A shock absorber is a suspension component that dampens and minimizes the vigorous bouncing of car springs. Several companies like Fox Shocks have made it their priority to deliver the best quality to their customers. Shock absorbers should be well maintained and replaced when necessary.

When we are looking for luxury and comfort in a ride, many of us only consider the horsepower and engine performance. However, a few of us know that a great engine is useless if the driver doesn’t have control over a car’s navigation. A driver’s ability to control the vehicle with ease relies on shock absorbers.

Being essential components for your car’s overall performance, here are other benefits of shock absorbers you need to know.


When it comes to car safety, it is more than fastening one’s seatbelts and maintaining the speed limits. Nonetheless, for authorized car manufacturers and mechanics, safety measures include having a reliable suspension system. Shock absorbers are the primary components of your suspension system. Because of these components, drivers can steer safely and comfortably.

If you experience any problem controlling your car on bumpy roads, it is important to take a look at the shocks. Worn out shocks have the potential to jeopardize your journey and endanger your life and other passengers if present.


Shock absorbers increase the friction between vehicle tires and the path allowing stable navigation on the road. If all roads were smooth and leveled, the need for shock absorbers wouldn’t be necessary. However, many of our roads have flaws and damage easily because of the constant forces applied by heavy vehicles.

Without shock absorbers, every vertical force from the wheels will shift to the frame of the car. This action will cause the wheels to occasionally lose contact with the ground hence the up and down motion.


All comfortable cars have incredible suspension systems. This means that the shock absorbers in use are of high quality. The shock absorbers create comfort by minimizing the bouncy effect experienced in cars when navigating through a bumpy path. Shock absorbers limit the extent of vibratory movements caused by flawed paths to give the driver and passenger a smooth ride.

From the information above, you can tell that shock absorbers play important roles in your car. Hopefully, the details in this article help you get a better understanding of how they benefit your car and why it is important to have them replaced when necessary.

Three Advantages of Shock Absorbers
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