One common problem experienced by drivers with the steering wheel is when it becomes difficult to turn. Most cases people turn when at low speeds and this when the hard turning will be noticed. Possibilities of the power steering system having problems will be an indication of hard turning.

The system got many components like the pump, serpentine belt and the hydraulic power steering fluid which make it easier to turn without the wheel resistance as the hydraulic power fluid works against the piston. If you have any of the components have issues, then turning the steering will be not easier. In this article, you will find causes that make it hard for you when turning the wheels.

Worn-out Serpentine Belt

car power steering pumpWhen the serpentine belt is cracked or damaged, you will experience steering wheel stiffness. It gets worn down with time as its always being used when you drive the vehicle. The stiffness of the steering begins when it loosens, and if ignored it breaks altogether when you fail to replace which leads total fail of turning the steering wheel.

Bad Steering Rack

The steering rack is made up of the rack and pinion. It’s kept attached to the steering wheel with a series of U-joints and shafts. As the vehicle is in use, the rack will eventually become worn and damaged. This will be noted when you start the car and still the steering wheel remains stiff. The racks get hotter as the engine keeps running causing the lubricant to settle in more. You will need to replace before the problem escalates.

Pump Failure

The amount of pressure needed to allow the pump of the power steering produces smooth turning of the steering wheel. When the pump fails, you will experience turning the steering wheel to be difficult. Even with the fail of the pump, you will still turn the steering wheel, but a lot of force will be applied unlike when it’s in good shape.

Thick Fluid

power steering fluid storageWith time the fluid of the power steering becomes thick. When it takes time to service, then it becomes too thick to lubricate the system. At low speeds, you will experience stiffness as you turn the wheels. Draining the old fluid will solve the problem as you replace with entirely new fluid.

Leaky Fluid

When you don’t have enough power steering fluid, then don’t expect smooth turning of the wheel. Most cases the fluid will be on low levels as it leaks from the pressurized hose area. It usually gets loose or cracks causing the leakage. The steering wheel becomes stiff as the pump won’t produce enough pressure due to inadequate lubrication in the system.


Causes of Steering Hard to Turn
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